Squadra Matching & Search

Ons Matching & Search richt zich op organisaties die digitale versterking in de top zoeken. Het team is  gespecialiseerd in het vinden van digitale leiders die bedrijven helpen in hun transformatie op het vlak van Data en Digital.

Wie we zijn

Tjibbe van der Zeeuw

Professional networker and headhunter. From corporate C-level to tech savvy startup with passion for digital disruption and organizational change. Thinking in possibilities. In his free time, Tjibbe is enjoying life on a sportive (soccer, squash, CrossFit, sailing) or culinary way.

Marein Roelofs

Experienced executive recruiting and scouting specialist with a passion for Digital Transformation and Innovation. Marein has experience in finding the right candidates for (international) executive roles in different environments. Her aim is to always find the right toptalent that organisations need to realise their ambitions and goals by connecting people and organisations. In her free time, Marein likes to sport, to travel, and to spend time with family and friends.